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Quantum Black Holes: A Critical Analysis
by Y. Leblanc (eFieldTheory.COM)

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (April 15, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1450542980
ISBN-13: 978-1450542982
List Price: $39.95 (USD)

This book presents an in-depth critical analysis of Bekenstein-Hawking Black Hole Thermodynamics. It also reviews the work of the Belinski group showing the non-existence of the Unruh and Hawking effects. These analyses lead to the collapse of Hawking's theory of black holes as thermal objects, leading to the breakdown of both the Area law and the Holographic principle. Quantum black holes are instead identified as pure state resonances (Gamow states) at the Planck scale.

Quantum Black Holes: A Critical Analysis
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The Quantum Nature of Black Holes
4 April 1994

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Author: Y. Leblanc (eFieldTheory.COM)


In this work, it is conjectured that black hole quantization is an observer-dependent endeavor, the quantum nature of these objects appearing very differently for observers near the horizon and those far away from it. In particular, generalizing considerations by Susskind, it is found that for observers near the horizon, neutral black holes of arbitrary dimensionality can be identified with the massive particle excitations of string theories. Making use of this result, it is further shown that the fundamental constant of General Relativity can be calculated from string theory parameters (or vice-versa), in agreement with earlier calculations by 't Hooft. This article is dedicated to the memory of Professor Hiroomi Umezawa.

Copyright © 1994 Yvan Leblanc. All rights reserved

PACS: 4.60.+n, 11.17.+y, 97.60.Lf

Cite as: Leblanc, Y., "The Quantum Nature of Black Holes", U. of Alabama preprint UAHEP-944 (1994).




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